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Electric Motorcycle by Brammo – the Enertia

The first line of this article outlines my personal bias against electric vehicles, but I do support the ingenuity that goes into their creation.

Brammo electic motorcycle

Brammo electic motorcycle

Here’s the article in Inc magazine.


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Orange Juice – Mostly Symantics

I’m listening to CBC’s Q as I type away here:

You can download the specific radio show, it’s an old one, from May 21, 2009 (I hit “ctrl F” to find ‘Orange’).  They’re just running through old shows during the summer.

Alissa Hamilton’s exposé of the way orange juice is made, is by an author who’s alleging many, many different things including that the taste of “not from concentrate” is chemically created becasue once the orange juice is squeezed out of the oranges, it sits in 1,000,000 gallon oxygen free containers. During it’s storeage the liquid loses its flavour because the chemicals that create flavour are volatile and are removed when the oxygen is pulled out of the vats.

Secondly, she says there’s a real difference in the two phrases, “squeezed from fresh oranges” and “fresh squeezed”.  Which I agree with because if you take a moment to think about it, “Fresh Squeezed” says, I can see the orange being squeezed, and now I’m drinking it.  “Squeezed from fresh oranges” merely implies that the juice came from fresh oranges; this could have happened moments ago, an hour ago or a year ago.

What did the orange juice lobby say? That the public knows that the orange juice isn’t fresh because it lasts 60 days, and nothing that last 60 days is neither ‘fresh’ nor ‘un-preserved’. Which is a very logical statement, but admittedly, it had never occurred to me.

Darn. I used to love orange juice that was ‘fresh’ and ‘not from concentrate’!

Listen to the podcast. I thought it was very interesting, although it did slow me down at the office as thoughts of “OJ” were pushing “spreadsheets” out of the way.

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Coo Coo Coffee, ahead of the curve

I just phoned up Coo Coo Coffee (477 Davie Street), a place that serves a damn fine cup of joe to see if they had a website, or were on twitter.  Alas they don’t and they aren’t.  Fairly unbelievable if you ask me (although I did fight Twitter FOREVER).  I’m going to forgive them though, why? Because they’re one of the very few coffee shops here in Vancouver that serve coffees in compostable cups.

I think, based on taste alone you should give them a visit (I personally prefer to have an espresso the first time around so I can gauge the coffee without the other flavours confusing it), but if you’re pro environment (as some of us clearly are), you should also be aware that you’re taking a positive step forward.

Oh, and send them an email, coocoocoffee(at symbol)  Let them know they need a website and a Twitter account.  They need to protect their brand!!

I’ve got to give props to for being the impetus of this post.  She’s far more involved in this than I am. I just couldn’t sleep last night and happened to remember the last organic cup coffee I’d bought 🙂

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New Blogger to the fray

I was introduced through Twitter today to Tanya and Tanya’s blog:

It’s a cool, funny blog and a darn good read!  Plus she’s keen to personally lend a hand to the recycling crusade that are coffee cups in the and at Blenz.

Good for you Tanya!!

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Yamaha BWS seat latch

Seat latch broke today. The fuel goes in under the seat. I have a half a tank to get this fixed.

These guys are helpful and nice, they’re going to do it for me this afternoon: I called another place in Vancouver but they weren’t as nice.  I’m a fan of nice.  And helpful.

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Tesla Moving to Palo Alto

Tesla‘s decided to pick up shop and move over the next few months to Palo Alto California to a 350,000 +/- square foot location in the Stanford Research park.

In researching this article I did find several others such as this by Wired Magazine which I found to be oft quoted and an official link to their blog directly from Tesla’s own website.

And I also found this neat list of blogs, including one by Tesla founder, Elon Musk.




Now, if only there was some way I could drive an electric vehicle that works for LESS than $109K.  I guess I’ll just have to wait a little bit longer. I understand that I can FIND electric cars for less $ but aren’t they limited to 40kph? Hardly a realistic expectation.  It’s why I drive a scooter. Sure it burns gasoline, but it’ll do 65kph on the flat and I’ve gotten it up to 80kph on the downhill, and there’s no shortage of gas stations in Vancouver.

I’d love to see Electric Vehicles able to be driven like gasoline ones. Then we may see some adoption of the technology. Until then I think it’s still a bit of a pipe dream.

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SFU Pipers make it 6 in a row!! – Skytrain’s Canada Line free today!

I had a big plan today to write how the Sky Train Canada Line was open ahead of schedule and under budget and free today from 1pm onwards. Here’s the link: But lets be somewhat frank about this.  Really, I mean really, doesn’t the skytrain end up being free most of the time anyway?  (I’m a cynic, guilty as charged – It’s what makes me special ;))I can’t wait to check it out, and I’ll pay to do it, but not today.

What I discovered this morning, and what I’m personally far more excited about is the SFU Pipe Band winning the World Championships YET AGAIN.  6 in a row!!!

I’m not going to lie, there’s something about the effort that goes into winning 6 in a row, the music, and the synchonicity of the performance that can move you to tears.  I hope you enjoy their medley as much as I did!

It’s not on Youtube yet, so I couldn’t imbed the file, but here’s the link.

Here’s the official channel of SFU’s pipe band on Youtube.  Special stuff!!

Here’s the link to World Pipe Band Championships on Youtube.

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