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Beer making equipment

My first batch is bottled and waiting for the miracle of carbonation. It takes about 3 weeks to get bubbles. 1 week in a warm room, 2 weeks in a chilled, dark environment, like your garage if it won’t freeze in there.

At the same time as I bottled the Canadian Pilsner, I made a Mexican Cerveza. Beer needs 3 weeks to have bubbles, but it improves in taste up to 3 months and more slowly up to 6 months. If you want to have a “corona” in the summer sitting on your deck, now’s the time to brew it.

Because we’re a recycling company, I recommend Craigslist to find equipment. Here’s a link to someone that I think has a great kit at great value:

Brand new, it would cost around $60 for enough equipment to make one batch at a time. This kit is $75 more but it comes with 3 carboys instead of 1, and 2 primaries instead of 1, and additional stuff like a capper, corker, bottles etc. As long as it’s clean equipment you can sterilize, then it’s exceptional value.

I snagged this picture last time I was at Bosa. There’s only ONE reason I can think that you need a loading bay for PICKING UP grapes…

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Hey everyone.

Been a little while since I’ve written. Just getting over the holidays and getting into the swing of things. We did put out a newsletter though and you can sign up on our website. There’s also a button there for twitter. Message us and we’ll message you.

Basically our newsletter was talking about our Christmas Tree pick-up/chip-up for $20, and we have a new mattress pilot project. Friday’s we’re doing mattress only collections for $60 plus $16.50/unit (mattress and box=2 units).

We’ll see how it goes. We want to keep taking these items, but Metro Vancouver has boosted the price to $20 per unit to drop off. We’re hoping to lower the price and make it affordable by doing only mattresses on 1 day a week. I’m interested to see how it goes, but if it isn’t profitable, we’ll need to tweak collection.

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