Tesla Moving to Palo Alto

Tesla‘s decided to pick up shop and move over the next few months to Palo Alto California to a 350,000 +/- square foot location in the Stanford Research park.

In researching this article I did find several others such as this by Wired Magazine which I found to be oft quoted and an official link to their blog directly from Tesla’s own website.


And I also found this neat list of blogs, including one by Tesla founder, Elon Musk.




Now, if only there was some way I could drive an electric vehicle that works for LESS than $109K.  I guess I’ll just have to wait a little bit longer. I understand that I can FIND electric cars for less $ but aren’t they limited to 40kph? Hardly a realistic expectation.  It’s why I drive a scooter. Sure it burns gasoline, but it’ll do 65kph on the flat and I’ve gotten it up to 80kph on the downhill, and there’s no shortage of gas stations in Vancouver.

I’d love to see Electric Vehicles able to be driven like gasoline ones. Then we may see some adoption of the technology. Until then I think it’s still a bit of a pipe dream.



  1. Tyler Bradt said

    I think ZENN Motor Co. out of Toronto / Montreal is planning on releasing a highway-ready fully electric vehicle for 2010. I hope the rumours are true. From what I know, they are waiting on the final patent of a new battery technology.

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