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Tesla Goes Public

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BP Spills Coffee

With over 8 million viewings already, it’s possible I’m the LAST person to put this on the blog. Regardless, I thought it was excellent.

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Random Pics

Just downloading some pictures from the Blackberry and I thought I’d put them on the blog. Forgive the quality, as I said, the blackberry 2mb camera.

Taking care of a little recycling!!!

If you've never been to the landfill, this is what it looks like. Not the best office view in the world, but a heck of a lot of Eagles!!

A legend retires!

Saw this steaming over the train bridge @ 2nd narrows and gave chase.

The new truck, and trailer (pre paint job)

So there you have it. A few random snaps of a day in the life of a recycling company.

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Fitness World Van Ads

Am I being picky when I find faults with advertising like this?

It’s worked. Not only do people see it while driving around, but here it is on a blog. Where I’m being picky, I suppose, is that a list of locations is not why 250,000 members chose fitness world. It might be A reason why SOME of the people chose Fitness World, but it’s not the only reason.

I know, I know, I’m being excessively literal, but it does bother me. I’d prefer it if the copy said something like, “12 locations in the lower mainland. Just 1 of the reasons we have 250,000 members” or something to that effect. Same message, more truthful.

I just prefer honesty, that’s all. How do other people feel about this?

We just bought a new truck, and it’s time for signage. We’ll put our logo and phone number on for sure, but maybe the reading public could offer some helpful, constructive advice? I like honesty, something like, “Little trucks burn less fuel”. Any suggestions?

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Want to Learn how Unwanted Clothing is Recycled

This is how PR works. Someone emails something to “the media” and the “media” (us, in this case) take the path of least resistance and publish it verbatim on our blogs, web pages, and twitter feeds. Here’s one such example but I thought there was potential for the reading audience to enjoy it. I had to tidy up the embedded code so it worked, but here’s the email.

Hello Fresh Start Recycling,

Thank you for your team’s dedication to responsible disposal of unwanted belongings. I thought you and your blog readers would be interested in checking out this web event happening tonight at 9pm EST featuring a textile recycling company in the US.



Learn how unwanted clothing is recycled on live web show monday night

54 million pounds of clothing – more than enough to fill every room in the White House! That’s how much USAgain- a textile recycling company – reused last year through its network of 8,000 collection bins around the United States. Tonight night you’ll get the chance to learn how it’s done on EcoChat.

Mattias Wallander, CEO of USAgain will join the live, video-based web show EcoChat to answer your questions about the recycling process and tell you more about how his company is improving the environment by diverting textiles from landfills.

“Used clothing is typically ten times more affordable than new clothing,” Wallander explains. “So of course the people who get access to affordable, good clothing benefit, and for millions of people in the world, this is really their only option.”

Mattias will also offer tips on the best items to donate to make sure your next drop-off is suited to help those in need.

To watch the show visit on Monday, June 14, at 9 EST (UTC-5). If you want to submit questions or chat with other viewers, you can log-in to the event with a Twitter or Vokle account.

For now, check out the video below from the green blog EcoChicago to get a tour of USAgain’s headquarters where they get clothes ready for shipping, and if you want more information about the company, visit



About EcoChat:

EcoChat is a live, interactive web show hosted by green blogger Alicia Ontiveros featuring leaders in the green community. The show airs every Monday night to teach ecogeeks around the country about news tips and trends shaping the green movement.

About USAgain:

USAgain is a green for-profit enterprise that collects used clothes and resells them worldwide. The company was founded in 1999, and operates over 8,000 collection bins in 14 states.

How could I NOT copy and paste that? It was just way too easy. Plus it’s interesting.

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World Naked Bike Ride

The WNBR Vancouver takes place this Sunday June 12th. Face painting at 1pm, ride starts at 2pm at Sunset Beach (corner of Beach and Bute).

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Letter – 30,000 tonne challenge art contest.

Here’s a letter I received from Mr. Jeremy Twigg about an art contest coming up June 8th. Info below.

Dear Fresh Start Recycling,

I thought you’d be interested in this event on Tuesday, June 8 to highlight the success of BC’s e-waste recycling program.


Jeremy Twigg


BC student submissions convey impact of electronic waste

BC elementary and high school art students were challenged to portray 30,000 tonnes of e-waste, which is the amount of obsolete computers, monitors, printers and fax machines that have been recycled through our provincial e-waste program. Through drawing and sculptures, the art conveys the weight and impact e-waste can have on our planet if not recycled responsibly.

Submissions will be on display at the Harbour Centre SFU campus throughout the week, starting Tuesday, June 8, and prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place entries in both poster and sculpture categories.

“I hope my project can inspire people to stop throwing out their electronics and recycle them.”

– BC student contestant


– Winners announced for the ESABC 30,000 Tonne Challenge
– Presentation by the Honourable Mary McNeil, Minister of State for the Olympics and ActNow BC
– Interviews with students, representatives of BC’s recycling industry and government

Where: SFU Harbour Centre Mall Atrium, 555 West Hastings,

When: Tuesday, June 8, 10:00 – 10:30 am


– Honourable Mary McNeil, Minister of State for the Olympics and ActNow BC
– Joyce Thayer, Electronic Stewardship Association of BC (ESABC)
– Sandy Sigmund, Encorp Pacific

Media contact:

Jeremy Twigg
604-688-2505 office
604-306-4036 mobile

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