Random Pics

Just downloading some pictures from the Blackberry and I thought I’d put them on the blog. Forgive the quality, as I said, the blackberry 2mb camera.

Taking care of a little recycling!!!

If you've never been to the landfill, this is what it looks like. Not the best office view in the world, but a heck of a lot of Eagles!!

A legend retires!

Saw this steaming over the train bridge @ 2nd narrows and gave chase.

The new truck, and trailer (pre paint job)

So there you have it. A few random snaps of a day in the life of a recycling company.



  1. Eric Bae said

    Hmm, those landfill picutres aren’t so pretty.

    Thought I’d share this link (http://www.freally.com). The whole point of this website (Freally) is to reduce the landfill by promoting recycling and green earth.

    It’s far easier to use than Freecycle or Freegle. Hope it helps!

  2. your one good recycler for sure, all that metal going to extra use and like the way you added the landfill just to remind us why we recycle, to stop that from happening

  3. yes, “house clearance”, you’re true!
    great way to remind about recycling, iron is no unnecessary and it has no place in a landfill

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