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Easy energy saving idea

Hi everyone,

Last year we picked up a fridge at a job site and I decided to keep it. I put it in my storage locker and started whispering sweet nothings to my girlfriend like, “Do  you know how cheap it is to make beer?” And, “Wouldn’t it be nice to invite friends over and not need to hit up the liquor store?” Things like this. There wasn’t anything wrong with it, but the previous owners had bought a new one and needed to be rid of the old one. Perfect. I want to make a keg fridge, here’s a fridge, DONE. Recycled. Everyone wins.

I set about brewing some beer, we painted it in chalkboard paint because as most old fridges are, it needed some love. Plus, it means I can put 2 kegs in it and write “Pilsner” on one side, and “IPA” on the other. It’s genius. Not my idea, but genius nonetheless.

This brings me to my idea, and the reason for this post. How to save energy. At the moment, I only have 1 keg in there; a Pilsner. Only being a semi beer geek, I knew Pilsner was served on the cooler end of the spectrum but not at exactly which temperature. Turns out, according to this, it’s between 4 and 7 degrees centigrade.

I set my fridge to ‘5’ and added “Fridge Thermometer” to my shopping list.

For $10, I learned that ‘5’ equates to 2 degrees and my beer was much too cold. A ‘1’, was still 3 degrees. I turned it down to half way between 0 and 1, where it turns out there’s a lot of room. It bounces around between 4 and 7 and often stays at 5 degrees.

So, for $10, you might learn your fridge is way too cold and you can knock 5 “units” of cooling off the top.

You might be wondering how I was able to sneak a keg fridge past my girlfriend? Under my t-shirt of course! Nah, just kidding, 1) I started months ago, and 2) She noticed the freezer up top. It’s not full yet, but she’s on her way! 🙂

PS. Keg fridges are everything I said  they were. Holy smokes, making your own beer is cheap. $35 for 23L, no taxes. None. Not even HST. And second, you do kind of feel like a hero when your friends come over and you offer them a beer. Pouring your own pitchers for the table from your own fridge is nothing short of spectacular.

I’ve taken some pictures to add later on in the week. Right now, it’s 7:15am and I’m going to be late for a meeting.


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Dear Fujiya,

I was using this website: to try and make better choices about the sushi I eat. Can you please tell me about your tuna and salmon sashimi?





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