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The other side of the Pumpkin…

Frankly I’ve had a terrible time coming up with ideas for the blog lately, but I’m in luck. I don’t think I could write a better article than this one on the environmental/moral costs of carving pumpkins.

An exceptionally good read, and admittedly, something I hadn’t paid a whole lot of attention to.

Thanks Charllote! (and her daughter too!!)

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New link for Old fabric

Just recovering from a bit of minor surgery so that’s why the blog hasn’t been updated in a little while. I was presented with this link recently and I thought I would post it  just to prove I still exist.

It’s in response to my request to find a way to reuse fabric in this city because I know the owners of Bring Your Own Bag ( They came to me asking if there was a way they could make their “green” bags greener.  I said, “What about turning waste fabric into new product”.

Here’s the link:

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