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Cool Green Technology

Check out these top 15 strange (often very strange) green technology ideas. There is some cool stuff happening out there. So much of it seems to be about changing the way we see and do our everyday things… The Green Warrior shower curtain that grows spikes when you surpass your water limit! Now THAT is some encouragement to turn off the tap! The blood lamp that requires a drop of blood to activate the light would make me think twice about wasting electricity.

Then there are the outright paradigm shifting ideas like the Lilypads, self-sufficient floating cities that would each accommodate up to 50,000 people, 3D Food Printers and Lab Meat – check it out.

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Do you know WTF?

Ok, so came across this poster on the Internet and it caught my attention.


I had to click and see what it was all about. This particular poster was from a cancer prevention campaign in 2011, but the more I searched it turned out WTF is a sporadically used acronym in environmental circles.

So for your reading pleasure, here are a few Environmental WTFs!


WTF: Wannabe Toxic Free

WTF: What the Frack

WTF: When the F


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WTF pic

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The Unexpected Consequence


Fresh Start was formed with the idea of helping people deal with their waste in an environmental and authentic way. Turned out that there are lots of people out there who were looking for the opportunity to do just that. A long, awesome story short, business boomed and we needed to hire a team.

We thought a lot about who we wanted to be as an employer and who we wanted to be part of the team. Since we work a lot in and around the downtown east side, it occurred to us that we had a great opportunity to invest in our community. We are proud to boast that our team is comprised almost entirely of present or previous members for the downtown east side. They are phenomenal employees, and equally as important, Fresh Start wouldn’t be the company we are without them.

Making a difference in the world is it’s own reward, whether it’s through recycling, volunteering or choosing to invest in your community. But more often than not, taking advantage of these opportunities to make a positive impact will have unexpected beneficial consequences – you know, that whole ripple effect thing!






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