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Service Life of Household Systems

Service Life of Household Systems

In case you are wondering just how long things will run or last at your home, here’s what the experts say about the life expectancy of some products…

A wood deck should last 15 years, an asphalt driveway 10-12 years and a wood fence 12 years or so.  With gas furnaces, a central unit should last for 20 years while a sealed window unit will last only 10.

A typical roof lasts up to 20 years. Window systems last 20-25 years.  Exterior siding can last 35-45 years, while stucco may only last 15-20.

A clothes-dryer may dry for 14 years, while the washing machine may wash only 13.  Newer microwave ovens will last you about 10 years.  Ranges, both gas and electric, are designed to last longer — about 20 years; fridges and dishwashers not quite as long.  A water-heater will last 7-10 years on average.

An electrical service panel may last 40 years.  Typical water service entrance and perimeter drain tiles – about the same.

Smoke alarms should be replaced within 10 years; CO detectors within 5 years.

More durable things, natural wood floors and slate, flagstone, marble and ceramic tiles can be expected to last up to a lifetime.

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