Clean Wood Disposal Ban – either sort it, or pay up!

The City of Vancouver has a had a program in place to divert clean wood from the city’s landfill since the start of the year, but up until now they have just been identifying loads containing more than 10% clean wood.  As of the first of July the clean wood disposal ban goes into full effect and any load with more than that 10% clean wood will have a 50% surcharge added so it’s in your best interests to make sure clean wood is separated out.

Just what is clean wood?  It is any is solid wood, lumber, and pallets that are unpainted, unstained, untreated, and free of glue.  Nails and staples are still OK.  Clean wood can be dropped off at any of Metro Vancouver’s transfer stations and disposal facilities.


Clean Wood Recycling and Disposal Ban

Metro Vancouver Transfer Stations

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