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What’s up with MMBC?

Have you heard about MMBC? It’s been on a lot of people’s lips recently, many people in support and many people against. Well, it’s like this: MMBC is “Multi-Material British Columbia,” a non-profit organization who has taken over handling all recycling for residential packaging and printed paper.

Now instead of the government paying to take all these recyclables away, businesses that use such materials are required to pay MMBC to take care of things. The idea is that the companies that are sending you their products in boxes should be the ones paying for you to get rid of them rather than you having to pay the costs yourself through taxes. This is a decision that has produced a lot of controversy. Many people don’t trust a company, even a non-profit, handling this instead of the government and feel this would add extra complications and cost more in the long run. A website has been set-up, RethinkItBC  to address their concerns.

Though MMBC will result in a few changes, some good and maybe some bad, in the end at least it still means someone is regularly coming to take away many of the recyclables you’ve left at the curb. MMBC will remove all sorts of printed paper, including newsprint, magazines, and telephone books. It will also be picking-up an incredibly wide range of packaging, such as cardboard, paper laminates, aseptic containers, glass bottles, steel packaging, and aluminum containers. However, they are not picking up everything. No machine parts, organic waste, potentially hazardous materials, and various other garbage not connected to paper or packaging.

But that’s okay; FreshStart is still here to take care of what you can’t leave curbside. We’re always around to tackle the recycling and disposal that other organizations can’t.

To learn more about MMBC from both perspectives, visit the websites for MMBC  and #RethinkItBC. And remember, whatever your stance on this issue, you can rely on us to look after your additional recycling needs.


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5 Fresh-Tips on Re-Purposing Your Old BBQ

It’s BBQ time – you can smell it in the air . . . ? This is the time of year when many people are realising that last summer was their dear BBQ’s last or they are looking to upgrade.

Once the thrill of buying your new BBQ is over you may be faced with the perplexing question “what do I do with my old one?” Here are our 5 Fresh Tips on re-purposing that old BBQ

  1. You can take it apart and use the two parts of the clam shell as an herb garden. This is especially great for those herbs that like to take over your garden; keep them contained (we’re looking at you mint).
  2. Use the frame and wheels to mount another power tool.
  3. Turn it into a wood fire oven – oven baked pizza anyone?
  4. Create a potting bench
  5. Use it as a makeshift wheelbarrow as your collect other items you want Fresh Start to collect and recycle for you.

Don’t forget any parts you don’t use or if you’re just not feeling inspired, give us a call and we will remove it giving you a FreshStart!


Great video on creating a  wood fire oven

Great link on creating a potting bench

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