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How to Spring Clean Effectively and Responsibly

spring-cleaning1We’re reaching that time of the year where it’s “good-bye” winter and “hello” spring. The leaves return, the flowers open, and there’s a lot more sunlight and a lot less clouds. It’s the start of a bright new year, time to embrace the new life that’s bursting forth and get rid of all the dull old remnants that still cling on. In other words, it’s time for spring cleaning!

Especially in this age of mass consumerism, it’s amazing how many things can accumulate in your house, such as battered old furniture, burnt-out appliances, decaying mattresses, and other junk that are just taking-up space. You might banish them to the attic, basement, or out as far as the garage, where they moulder and rot. They’re taking-up space, taking-up your thoughts. You should face the new spring with a fresh new mind and that means getting rid of the old baggage.

You could just haul it all to the dump but that’s just moving the problem around not solving it. It still means your old junk is rotting somewhere. That’s why it’s great to have someone like Fresh Start around to deal with everything. We make certain that all your old junk that can be recycled is recycled and anything that can’t is still dealt with in the best way possible. With us on the job, you can be excited about the oncoming spring, confident that your baggage has been disposed of in the cleanest, clearest way possible.


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Moving Out Without a Hassle

movingThe one consistency in life is change and no matter how much you enjoy your home, no matter how many lovely memories you have of it, eventually it’s time to move on to somewhere new. When that happens, you need to make certain the place is ready for its new inhabitants, cleaned of all the clutter that accumulated there through all the times you shared. That’s a lot of work! Fortunately, we at Fresh Start are here to make certain everything is taken care of.

We show-up and haul everything that’s not coming with you to your new place. Old appliances, old beds, the mysterious crud behind the fridge, it all gets taken care of quickly and responsibly. We know whether something needs to be recycled or junked, and will make certain it ends-up in the right place.

Moving can be incredibly stressful so let us do our part to minimize some of your issues. You can rest easy knowing that the junk is being handled. Don’t worry, everything will be ready when the new people move in.

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Getting Rid of Those Unwelcome Many-Legged Guests Once and For All

mouseMice may be cute, especially in cartoons, but you don’t want them scurrying inside the walls of your house, and creatures such as rats, cockroaches, and those infamous bed bugs are worse. They’re not paying rent, they’re not being good neighbours, they’re just eating your food, messing with your things, and destroying your peace of mind. It’s time to get them out! Fortunately, if you live in Metro Vancouver, we at Fresh Start handle vermin as effectively as we handle any other kind of disposal.

When you call us in, we’ll investigate your whole place, clear your rooms, and discover exactly what your infestation is. Then we bring in pest control. We work extensively with their team to make sure the problem is dealt with efficiently. There’s no nasty surprises for you when we’re on the job.

You deserve to relax in a house free of any little creature you don’t want to be there. Trust us to help make that happen.

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An Easy Way to Ethically Dispose of Old Things

disposeIt’s incredible how much stuff you can end-up with these days – so many appliances, gizmos, utensils, and then all the boxes, bags, and cartons they came in. It’s terrible to imagine them all tossed on the same trash pile. In this day and age, so many things are made from materials that should be specially disposed of. Fortunately there are companies such as Fresh Star around to make certain everything is taken care of in an ethical, responsible way.

We make sure that those things that can be recycled (such as bottles and tins) are, those that can’t are still disposed of in the way that’s best for the environment, and those that are unsafe (such as hazardous waste) are dealt with safely so that they don’t harm anyone. With a company like Fresh Start, you can be confident that all your old stuff is being disposed of responsibly. Thanks to us, you’re helping keep the Earth healthy and clean.

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Thanks For Voting Us One Of The Best In The City!

Best_SILVER 2014

We were recently voted Silver in the WestEnder’s Best of the City contest for Junk Removal. You can see the full list, with us in it, here (We’re located under the Services section.) We are so excited to have all of your support. It’s great to know that we are doing a good job and making a positive impact in the community. We couldn’t have gotten where we are today without your help, and for that, we want to thank you!

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