Getting Rid of Those Unwelcome Many-Legged Guests Once and For All

mouseMice may be cute, especially in cartoons, but you don’t want them scurrying inside the walls of your house, and creatures such as rats, cockroaches, and those infamous bed bugs are worse. They’re not paying rent, they’re not being good neighbours, they’re just eating your food, messing with your things, and destroying your peace of mind. It’s time to get them out! Fortunately, if you live in Metro Vancouver, we at Fresh Start handle vermin as effectively as we handle any other kind of disposal.

When you call us in, we’ll investigate your whole place, clear your rooms, and discover exactly what your infestation is. Then we bring in pest control. We work extensively with their team to make sure the problem is dealt with efficiently. There’s no nasty surprises for you when we’re on the job.

You deserve to relax in a house free of any little creature you don’t want to be there. Trust us to help make that happen.


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