How to Spring Clean Effectively and Responsibly

spring-cleaning1We’re reaching that time of the year where it’s “good-bye” winter and “hello” spring. The leaves return, the flowers open, and there’s a lot more sunlight and a lot less clouds. It’s the start of a bright new year, time to embrace the new life that’s bursting forth and get rid of all the dull old remnants that still cling on. In other words, it’s time for spring cleaning!

Especially in this age of mass consumerism, it’s amazing how many things can accumulate in your house, such as battered old furniture, burnt-out appliances, decaying mattresses, and other junk that are just taking-up space. You might banish them to the attic, basement, or out as far as the garage, where they moulder and rot. They’re taking-up space, taking-up your thoughts. You should face the new spring with a fresh new mind and that means getting rid of the old baggage.

You could just haul it all to the dump but that’s just moving the problem around not solving it. It still means your old junk is rotting somewhere. That’s why it’s great to have someone like Fresh Start around to deal with everything. We make certain that all your old junk that can be recycled is recycled and anything that can’t is still dealt with in the best way possible. With us on the job, you can be excited about the oncoming spring, confident that your baggage has been disposed of in the cleanest, clearest way possible.


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