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Earthquake Kit

“Fresh Start”s should apply to earthquake kits and preparedness shouldn’t it?

Here’s a BC Govt webpage to get your kit ready:

And here’s a cool app for your iPhone or iPod:

Let me know what you think of if you have different (better?) links.


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Goat Rentals

I’m not really certain how I’d go about starting the Goat Rental wing of Fresh Start, but it sure sounds fun!

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Japanese tsunami debris to reach West Coast in 2014

Taken directly from the CBC, it appears that all those things washed out to sea from the tsunami like cars, boats and even whole houses could wash up on the shores of British Columbia and the west coast of North America. It will pose a real hazard to shipping lanes and on some level I suppose is a commentary on society.  Link to CBC here:

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30 Recipes for Greener Cleaning

Christine over at RN Central forwarded this link to me and asked me to include it in the blog. I took a look, and there’s some great suggestions in there.  Enjoy!!

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