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Heinz spends 3 years developing 3x the garbage…

Read for yourself. 3x the garbage is what I took away from it at least. You?

Is this like “no drain tuna”… solving a problem that didn’t exist?











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Bucket List?

Are you working on your Bucket List? Since the movie, it’s become a popular thing to do. I’m working on mine and to do that, I need to know a few things. 1, when will I die, and 2, how much time do I have?

I’m a Canadian Male born in 1978. Canadian Males born in 1978 are predicted to cash in their chips in 2057. How do I know that? Right here:

And how long do I have between now and then? Well, easy math is 2057-2011 = 46 years. Not good enough for you? You can plug in the dates here: I used my birthday. I come out to 46 years and 20 days, or 16,822 days.

You won’t live forever, (tempting though it is to believe it), but I have 16,822 to learn how to swim. Among other things….
















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