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“Eco Shape Bottle” TM

What? Eco Shape Bottle? For real? Forgive my frankness, but WTF?

What the hell is an “eco shape” or an “eco shape bottle”?

This is egregious!

Green Washing...? IF it quacks like a duck....

I looked it up, apparently it’s 30% less plastic. Still. I don’t like it. What a RIDICULOUS idea/name!


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Starbucks, shared planet or not?

I went to Starbucks this morning for an Americano, and I asked for my prepaid card balance.  They printed it out instead of telling me.  I looked, it was $14+/- I crumpled it up, and I threw it out.

How “shared planet” is that? Mr./Ms. Barista, could you please just say, “$14.xx”?  I’ll say, “Thanks”. We’ll be done.

My opinion? Starbucks is a little too “forest”, and not enough “trees”.

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