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Would you pay $666 per tonne at the Transfer Station?

Just dropped off 4 mattresses at the city of Vancouver’s waste transfer station on the 21st for recycling. Recycling mattresses is a great thing, but what irks me is that they used to be accepted at $107 per tonne (the present gate rate) and now the price is $666 per tonne. Actually, they used to be accepted at the old gate rate, but since they put the prices up on Jan 1st and implemented the recycling fee on the same day, that’s not entirely true. They USED to be accepted for much less than $107/tonne.

The point is, they used to be accepted at the gate rate, now you pay $15/unit at the city of Vancouver’s waste transfer station.

Want to know why you see SO MANY mattresses thrown on street corners and why the City of Vancouver has spent 100s of Thousands on collection? (Feel free to phone 311 and ask the City for the exact $ amount – it’s in the 100’s of thousands).

I will tell you. Pardon the math, but this shouldn’t be hard to follow:

Those 4 mattresses weighed 90kg and cost $60 (at 4 * $15). 1000/90 is 11.11 AND 11.1 * $60 is drum roll please…… $666

Devilish? I couldn’t say, but it’s certainly a price increase beyond the cost of inflation.

And to answer the question posed in the title of this particularly blog posting. Yes. You would pay $666 per tonne at the transfer station because you already are. Unless you’re one of the 100s of people that unload them in city parks for staff to clean-up. Then we all pay it. So yes, again, you are willing to pay $666 per tonne.

City of Vancouver Mattresses

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