Fitness World Van Ads

Am I being picky when I find faults with advertising like this?

It’s worked. Not only do people see it while driving around, but here it is on a blog. Where I’m being picky, I suppose, is that a list of locations is not why 250,000 members chose fitness world. It might be A reason why SOME of the people chose Fitness World, but it’s not the only reason.

I know, I know, I’m being excessively literal, but it does bother me. I’d prefer it if the copy said something like, “12 locations in the lower mainland. Just 1 of the reasons we have 250,000 members” or something to that effect. Same message, more truthful.

I just prefer honesty, that’s all. How do other people feel about this?

We just bought a new truck, and it’s time for signage. We’ll put our logo and phone number on for sure, but maybe the reading public could offer some helpful, constructive advice? I like honesty, something like, “Little trucks burn less fuel”. Any suggestions?



  1. RL said

    Well to be honest you have already found 90% of the problem…

    The fact that you are going this far to get the answer is great. I don’t think the ad is all that bad – but I think it is two ads or one with a bit more space required – that the marketing people didn’t catch like you have that a list of address locations and their motto was lost in the fight for white space.- is a good observation.
    BUT had they noticed and just changed positioning of the two so they never flowed together so tightly might have altered the whole affect and allowed the two to stand separately. So I think you have to put them in your view. Get a photo of your van and then work cheaply to get an outline and see what it looks like. Even if you use MS paint of any free program, just draw what you want to do. I have just made a template, but I can;t upload here. Anywya good luck… Just make sure you give each message space… Less is more when you have less – smirk.

    • Thanks RL. I’m taking a look at some proofs right now from our sign people, and I think I like what they’re suggesting. I’m keeping it simple with not too much to read. A logo, and a phone number. Recycling is about getting rid of what you don’t want in a responsible fashion, and what I don’t want on my sign, is a lot of words! Thanks!!

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