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Have a Beer!

Working outside in the hot sun, sitting inside breathing recycled air listening to soft rock or just celebrating a great night with friends, whatever your reason is, having a beer is better for your than you think!

  1. Beer keeps your kidneys healthy A Finnish study singled out beer among other alcoholic beverages, finding that it was better for your kidneys. In fact, each bottle of beer you drink reduces the risk of developing kidney stones by 40%.
  2. Beer, and especially dark beer, contains soluble fibre – unlike wine, which doesn’t contain any fibre at all
  3. The fibre in beer can also help reduce your levels of LDL cholesterol, i.e. the “bad” type of cholesterol.
  4. Beer is full of B vitamins from the yeast. Unfiltered beer is especially high in B3, B6 and folic acid (B9). B3 aids in cell repair and B6 eases PMS. Folic acid aids in colon cancer prevention. Beer is also a generous source of vitamin B12, an anti-anaemic factor not found in many foods.
  5. Multiple studies have shown that beer drinkers had an approximately 30 percent lower risk of type-2 diabetes than test subjects who abstained.
  6. Beer as a cure for insomnia Lactoflavin and nicotinic acid, which are both present in beer, can promote sleep!
  7. Beer reduces your risk of a heart attack Beer drinkers have a 40 to 60 percent reduced risk of suffering a heart attack compared with non-beer drinkers.
  8. According to studies, beer drinkers are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The research suggests a high intake of silicon limits aluminum absorption in the brain.
  9. Beer helps combat stress Researchers at the University of Montreal found that two glasses of beer a day can reduce work-related stress or anxiety.
  10. Beer makes skin more beautiful Good news for women! Certain vitamins in beer can regenerate the skin and have a positive impact on pigmentation. Your skin becomes smoother and suppler.
  11. Beer could keep bones strong. Researchers at Tufts University found a positive link between beer or wine consumption and hip-bone density. Heavy drinking, however, led to bone loss, according to the same study, so be conservative.

So on that note, here is a list of some local microbreweries and brewpubs in Vancouver

Yaletown Brewing Company Brewpub
Granville Island Brewing Microbrewery
Horseshoe Bay Brewing Microbrewery
R&B Brewing Co. Microbrewery
Storm Brewing Microbrewery
Steamworks Brewing Brewpub
Dockside Brewing Company Brewpub
Pat’s Pub Brewpub
Coal Harbour Brewing Company Microbrewery
33 Acres Brewing Co. Microbrewery
Parallel 49 Brewing Company Microbrewery
Brassneck Brewery Microbrewery
Powell Street Craft Brewery Microbrewery
Bomber Brewing Microbrewery
Strange Fellows Brewing Microbrewery



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Top Ten Reasons you Should Get a Scooter this Summer

Gas prices are going up and with summer approaching they’ll only climb higher. Construction season is making traffic a nightmare and parking is expensive and illusive. At Fresh Start we love our scooter and here are some reasons why.

  1. GAS! The cost of gas is going up and getting worse with summer approaching. Your average scooters uses 90-mpg vs. your average mid-size car at 27-mpg!!
  2. Insurance for a scooter costs between $250-$450/annually. Average cost of insuring a mid-size car is $1,500/annually.
  3. Parking in Metro Vancouver is an absolute nightmare and even if you can find a spot, it’ll probably cost you an arm and a leg.
  4. With the gorgeous summer weather comes the construction crews and subsequent traffic jams. If you’re in your car, you’re stuck in the heat with nothing to do but wait. When you’re on your scooter, you can by-pass all that noise with the wind in your hair (under your helmet of course).
  5. Buying a scooter is significantly more affordable than buying a car and maintenance is also a good deal less expensive.
  6. It increases your cool factor ten fold – people may even think you’re Italian.
  7. It’s environmentally friendly.
  8. Safe drive: As long as you learn to find the sweet spot in your lane you will be just as safe on a scooter as you are in any other vehicle.
  9. At the end of the day driving a scooter is FUN.
  10. Scooters are easy to ride – A lot of people don’t realize that modern scooters are automatic – that’s right – no gears to change. The brakes are hand brakes just like you would find on a bicycle. The throttle is in the right-hand grip – just Twist ‘n Go

bintelli_motor_scooter_sprint_2013_model large-motor-scooter

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Zero Waste Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up and with it comes the opportunity to celebrate your mother! She may have gone crazy sometimes, given up hobbies, even careers to raise you, but now you are a thoughtful, caring and environmental grown up, so her efforts were not in vain.

I know I wasn’t the only one who grew up listening to their mom constantly remind them not to be wasteful. Demands such as “don’t waste your food”, “close the front door”, “take the toaster to the repair shop” and even, “Don’t waste your breath” were frequent. It seems mother’s are natural conservationists. Considering my career choice and environmental leanings, I am going to go ahead and say mom had an impact.

So this year, what about celebrating your mom and her words of wisdom and natural environmental leanings by having a zero waste Mother’s Day!

If you really want to impress Mom call Fresh Start and book the Mother’s Day Ultimate Clean and Tidy! Fresh Start and Out of Chaos are teaming up to bring you the gift that is both zero waste AND sure to thrill!

Appointments can be booked between now and Sunday May 10th, 2015. For a little more information about Linda and Thomas, please read on!

Out of Chaos Professional Organizing Solutions

Need to reclaim that extra bedroom? Don’t know where to begin digging out?  Call in the professional organizers at Out of Chaos.  They will sort you out and clear your stuff so that you can enjoy your space again.

Check out their great reviews on Yelp

 Fresh Start Recycling and Disposal

Have you got clutter you don’t know what to do with? It’d be simple if it was all just trash, but it’s not! Fresh Start’s approach is simple: we show up on time, sort thoroughly, recycle conscientiously, and haul efficiently. We’re dedicated junk haulers who use our talent for cleaning up big messes to create opportunities for growth in our community – particularly Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES)!

Hear what out clients love about Fresh Start


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Do you know WTF?

Ok, so came across this poster on the Internet and it caught my attention.


I had to click and see what it was all about. This particular poster was from a cancer prevention campaign in 2011, but the more I searched it turned out WTF is a sporadically used acronym in environmental circles.

So for your reading pleasure, here are a few Environmental WTFs!


WTF: Wannabe Toxic Free

WTF: What the Frack

WTF: When the F


Click to Read More


WTF pic

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UnTapped 2015 – In 2 weeks, get D&I working for your Bottom Line

As many of you know; one of our goals at Fresh Start is to work with people with employment barriers helping them find meaningful employment.  To that end we are proud sponsors of Untapped 2015!

This March, join HR professionals and other Business Leaders from across BC for a day of learning how to attract talent from within the fastest growing skillsets in the province!

UnTapped 2015 – the 3rd annual BC Workplace Inclusion Awards and Conference – helps BC Employers develop strategies to access skilled talent from an often hidden workforce;  persons with disabilities, Aboriginal job-seekers, youth, women, older workers, recent immigrants, and others.  Check out this month’s HR Voice article on how companies are using inclusion as a driver of workplace culture and results.

If diversifying your recruitment and retention practices to attract top talent is an important aspect for your business, join us in Vancouver for the conference on March 10th and get D&I working to your organization’s strategic advantage.

  • Register to take advantage of the Business 3 for 2 Promotion (a sweet deal where 3 people can attend for the price of 2),
  • Enter our promo code  6N2fNt86 and receive a 10% discount off registration, courtesy of their partnership.

I hope to see you at the conference next month!

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Would you pay $666 per tonne at the Transfer Station?

Just dropped off 4 mattresses at the city of Vancouver’s waste transfer station on the 21st for recycling. Recycling mattresses is a great thing, but what irks me is that they used to be accepted at $107 per tonne (the present gate rate) and now the price is $666 per tonne. Actually, they used to be accepted at the old gate rate, but since they put the prices up on Jan 1st and implemented the recycling fee on the same day, that’s not entirely true. They USED to be accepted for much less than $107/tonne.

The point is, they used to be accepted at the gate rate, now you pay $15/unit at the city of Vancouver’s waste transfer station.

Want to know why you see SO MANY mattresses thrown on street corners and why the City of Vancouver has spent 100s of Thousands on collection? (Feel free to phone 311 and ask the City for the exact $ amount – it’s in the 100’s of thousands).

I will tell you. Pardon the math, but this shouldn’t be hard to follow:

Those 4 mattresses weighed 90kg and cost $60 (at 4 * $15). 1000/90 is 11.11 AND 11.1 * $60 is drum roll please…… $666

Devilish? I couldn’t say, but it’s certainly a price increase beyond the cost of inflation.

And to answer the question posed in the title of this particularly blog posting. Yes. You would pay $666 per tonne at the transfer station because you already are. Unless you’re one of the 100s of people that unload them in city parks for staff to clean-up. Then we all pay it. So yes, again, you are willing to pay $666 per tonne.

City of Vancouver Mattresses

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Lights. Turn Them Off. Even in Hallways.

Does anyone I know have the skills required to make a movie? I don’t, but I bet one of my readers does.

I’m moving into my girlfriend’s apartment and I find it quite irksome that BC Hydro is running ads periodically that ask me to unplug my cell phone, laptop, VCR or whatever while the lights are on in every hallway of every building every hour of every day of the entire year. They’re NEVER turned off. NEVER EVER. At least not in the residential buildings and maybe not in office buildings either.

I’m the farthest person you know from being a conspiracy theorist, but I do have a theory… I think BC Hydro wants to act like they care about the conservation of power, and at the same time, they don’t want their bottom line to take a hit. On some level, they know their ads will have little if any effect when they make advertisements about unplugging our office computers at the end of the day, but if they advertised what a drain it is to have hallway lights on 24/7 they’d actually sell less power and be less profitable.

And who wants to be less profitable? Not BC Hydro.

I’d LOVE it if I could see a time-lapse video of any hallway in any building. We could add up the amount of time someone is walking from the elevator to their door, or from their door to the elevator. I bet it’s less than an hour a day leaving 23+ hours per day that the lights in that hallway could be turned off.

Why don’t we use timer switches like they do in Europe? I would have thought our Mayor would be right on top of this. It’s green, and no one is inconvenienced. Not even in the slightest.

Bike lanes? Controversial. Turning off the lights when no one is using them? Not controversial.

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