Orange Juice – Mostly Symantics

I’m listening to CBC’s Q as I type away here:

You can download the specific radio show, it’s an old one, from May 21, 2009 (I hit “ctrl F” to find ‘Orange’).  They’re just running through old shows during the summer.

Alissa Hamilton’s exposé of the way orange juice is made, is by an author who’s alleging many, many different things including that the taste of “not from concentrate” is chemically created becasue once the orange juice is squeezed out of the oranges, it sits in 1,000,000 gallon oxygen free containers. During it’s storeage the liquid loses its flavour because the chemicals that create flavour are volatile and are removed when the oxygen is pulled out of the vats.

Secondly, she says there’s a real difference in the two phrases, “squeezed from fresh oranges” and “fresh squeezed”.  Which I agree with because if you take a moment to think about it, “Fresh Squeezed” says, I can see the orange being squeezed, and now I’m drinking it.  “Squeezed from fresh oranges” merely implies that the juice came from fresh oranges; this could have happened moments ago, an hour ago or a year ago.

What did the orange juice lobby say? That the public knows that the orange juice isn’t fresh because it lasts 60 days, and nothing that last 60 days is neither ‘fresh’ nor ‘un-preserved’. Which is a very logical statement, but admittedly, it had never occurred to me.

Darn. I used to love orange juice that was ‘fresh’ and ‘not from concentrate’!

Listen to the podcast. I thought it was very interesting, although it did slow me down at the office as thoughts of “OJ” were pushing “spreadsheets” out of the way.



  1. Julia said

    Well, the best way to get “fresh squeezed” is to squeeze the oranges yourself. Or you could buy organic orange juice concentrate. Though the process to make the juice parallels that of non-organic, at least the organic one (assuming that it’s genuine) doesn’t contain pesticides or growth hormones that can be detrimental to one’s health when consumed over a period of time.

    In reference to the distinction between “fresh squeezed” and “squeezed from fresh oranges”, businesses can’t help but salivate at the prospect of cash flowing out from the pockets of those consumers unwary of the distinction. After all, who doesn’t want to make money? Such a shame, though, about the hidden unethical practices of businesses today.

    • Semantics in business are always interesting. There’s a clear distinction between the two terms “fresh squeezed” and, “squeezed from fresh oranges”, but most consumers, myself included, would surely miss that if they weren’t actively thinking about it.

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