We can turn waste fabric INTO brand new bags! (but we need your help!!!!)

A year or so go, one of my customers came to me and asked if I had any suggestions for their waste fabric. At the time I took a look at the fabric and couldn’t manage to align a use for its reuse, or recycling. I tried, but no feasible solution presented itself. We’re already doing a great job recycling their waste wood products turning them into pulp or chipping them for use in new construction and so it was a logical progression to fabric but the logistics weren’t working in our favour.

Last week I received an email from Jenny at Bring Your Own Bag.  Jenny and Elizabeth own this local company and if you haven’t heard of them already, you surely will. They’ve an impressive Media page on their website and they’re at the tip of the spear when it comes to getting rid of plastic bags and deciding to use fashionable, fabric bags.

I met with Jenny this morning along with a member of my customer’s Environmental team, and unfortunately it didn’t suit the needs of BYOB.  The fabric was either too small, or because it’s used out in the public – was either ripped or had graffiti tags on it from “ne’re-do-wells”. So… What to do….

Turning Garbage into a NEW PRODUCT. The pinnacle of Recycling as I see it and I think we need a little help!

Does someone in Vancouver work in a clothing factory themselves or know of someone that does?  We’re looking for waste fabric generated that people are paying to throw away as garbage.  We may not be able to save them money on the hauling, but we can certainly divert it from landfill.

I did a little research on the web and I found this article with a bit of background info which was pretty recent:




  1. Lini said

    I found an organisation called Our Social Fabric dedicated to environmental/social causes simultaneously. The URL is

    The topic of recycling fabric is increasingly of interest in Vancouver, and I would love to talk to others about the possibilities.

    Cheers all!

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