Coo Coo Coffee, ahead of the curve

I just phoned up Coo Coo Coffee (477 Davie Street), a place that serves a damn fine cup of joe to see if they had a website, or were on twitter.  Alas they don’t and they aren’t.  Fairly unbelievable if you ask me (although I did fight Twitter FOREVER).  I’m going to forgive them though, why? Because they’re one of the very few coffee shops here in Vancouver that serve coffees in compostable cups.

I think, based on taste alone you should give them a visit (I personally prefer to have an espresso the first time around so I can gauge the coffee without the other flavours confusing it), but if you’re pro environment (as some of us clearly are), you should also be aware that you’re taking a positive step forward.

Oh, and send them an email, coocoocoffee(at symbol)  Let them know they need a website and a Twitter account.  They need to protect their brand!!

I’ve got to give props to for being the impetus of this post.  She’s far more involved in this than I am. I just couldn’t sleep last night and happened to remember the last organic cup coffee I’d bought 🙂



  1. dustyz said

    okay. i get that serving coffee in compostable cups is a step in the right direction. but why not go one step further and not serve to go cups at all. it’s beyond me why no one today has a moment in their lives to order coffee in a washable cup or mug and sit down to drink it.

    wouldn’t that ultimately be better?
    less paper waste. less garbage.

    it might be compostable but it still has to be hauled to the landfill, etc.

    order, sit down, relax, enjoy your coffee
    and let someone else enjoy a coffee later in the same cup

    i applaud coffee shops that do away entirely with to-go cups
    that would be a leap in the right direction instead of a step


  2. Starbucks is trying to get an impressively small percentage of people to drink out of ceramic mugs while they drink in Starbucks, but it doesn’t seem to be catching on.

    I agree with you though, it’s nice to drink out of ceramic cups. I personally don’t have a clue why people order a nice coffee like a cappuccino and then drink it out of a paper cup. Eww.

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