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DIY Vertical Garden

What a great way to add a little green to your outdoor space. No matter how small your outdoor space, this vertical garden is a simple way to add some colour, or maybe even some strawberries to your patio. This DIY project is super simple and inexpensive. In fact, some twine, a few nails and your leftover 2L plastic pop bottles are all you need! Of course, it’ll be a lot nicer if you add some dirt, seed or seedlings and water.

I think this would be a great way to start a beginner herb garden – keep each one in their own bottle, label them with a permanent marker and you have fresh herbs all summer long. Enjoy.


  • 2L bottles
  • Strings or Wire
  • For those using wire, you need 2 washers per bottle
  • Scissors
  • Dirt
  • Seeds or small plants

For a step by step tutorial check out this link:

Bottle Garden


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Little DIY action

So, years ago you used to park the car in your garage. Then you needed somewhere for the chest freezer, and the lawn mower, and the old paint from when you spruced up the bathroom, and eventually your car gets moved out side. Well, “Look at all this room for storage I have!!!” you remark in gleeful anticipation…

Years go buy, things get “stored”. And then stored on top of other things, so on and so forth. Eventually, you call Fresh Start. Fresh Start shows up, hauls things away, donates things to charity, researches the recycling options for you, helps you out when it comes to you taking back your own paint, etc.

(as an aside, store a properly labeled paint chip (not the can of paint),  in a photo album) (paint is difficult to dispose of responsibly in higher quantities and, from experience, you’ll almost NEVER do that touch up you’re saving it for)

But what to do now after all the items you had “stored” are gone? Especially now that you’ve rediscovered that oil stain? Here’s a little DIY video I found on YouTube that may not work with ancient stains, but works pretty well with fresh ones. Check it out!

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