Top Ten Reasons you Should Get a Scooter this Summer

Gas prices are going up and with summer approaching they’ll only climb higher. Construction season is making traffic a nightmare and parking is expensive and illusive. At Fresh Start we love our scooter and here are some reasons why.

  1. GAS! The cost of gas is going up and getting worse with summer approaching. Your average scooters uses 90-mpg vs. your average mid-size car at 27-mpg!!
  2. Insurance for a scooter costs between $250-$450/annually. Average cost of insuring a mid-size car is $1,500/annually.
  3. Parking in Metro Vancouver is an absolute nightmare and even if you can find a spot, it’ll probably cost you an arm and a leg.
  4. With the gorgeous summer weather comes the construction crews and subsequent traffic jams. If you’re in your car, you’re stuck in the heat with nothing to do but wait. When you’re on your scooter, you can by-pass all that noise with the wind in your hair (under your helmet of course).
  5. Buying a scooter is significantly more affordable than buying a car and maintenance is also a good deal less expensive.
  6. It increases your cool factor ten fold – people may even think you’re Italian.
  7. It’s environmentally friendly.
  8. Safe drive: As long as you learn to find the sweet spot in your lane you will be just as safe on a scooter as you are in any other vehicle.
  9. At the end of the day driving a scooter is FUN.
  10. Scooters are easy to ride – A lot of people don’t realize that modern scooters are automatic – that’s right – no gears to change. The brakes are hand brakes just like you would find on a bicycle. The throttle is in the right-hand grip – just Twist ‘n Go

bintelli_motor_scooter_sprint_2013_model large-motor-scooter


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