Fresh Start Adventure Series – Mettle to the Pedals! Part 2

Part 2 Dressing the Part!

Since we are following up on last weeks feature, Gearing Up for Winter Biking, I assume you have done your research and are even now locating the perfect second-hand bike to start your winter biking adventure! That brings us up to this week’s column, a brief outline of what to where and why.

What do I need to wear?

Again, this will depend on your location but in general, keep your core warm while ensuring your clothes are breathable. Ensure your eyes are protected from wind and flying road salt and debris. Keep your fingers and toes are warm – frostbitten toes can cause long-term issues!

The main thing is VISABILITY, VISABILITY, and VISABILITY! Make sure whatever you have one to keep yourself warm is bright, reflective and keeping you safe!

 I saw this great new eco-friendly down filled coat at J-Crew that says it will keep me warm in -40, doesn’t that sound perfect?

For a night on the town or walk in the park, sure! For barrelling down the salty, muddy highway with your heart thudding in your ears, if not from the extreme energy you’re expending, then from the adrenaline being pumped through your brain as you dodge traffic on black ice (see I told you it’s thrilling!!)… then, NO that is not what you are looking for. You want layers, well fitted, breathable sweat wicking, and possibly water resistant layers.

 Where can I find the right stuff?

There is a lot out there, I would take the time to browse online and learn a bit about what you will need and what you can expect to pay. Next, take a trip to the local bike shop and ask them what they recommend – chances are they will know a lot about conditions in your area.

I have no local bike shop and I live out of town – can I just order online?

Of course these day ordering online is always an option. That said, if this is new to you, I would really encourage you to make a day of it and head into the city nearest you to check things out before you buy. It is very important that the items you wear are a good fit and that you can touch them and compare types of materials and styles.

What if I hate it?

You’ll be thankful you bought your bike used! But seriously, it’s not going to be all roses, but you’re tough – stick it out. At the end of the day, if you are just not a biker at heart, don’t fret; there are lots of options to resell your equipment locally.


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