Fresh Start Adventure Series – Mettle to the Pedals! Part 1

Part 1 Gearing Up!

Whether you made a resolution Fresh Start to get healthy or cut down your carbon footprint, or you’re just looking to kick the winter blues, nothing beats biking to work! Don’t let the snow, sleet and freezing rain keep you off the roads! Winter biking can be invigorating and thrilling in a way that a “springtime peddle through the park” never could be.

I’ve put together some tips for getting started. It’s not always an easy slog, but hang in there, I promise, it’ll be worth it. Set realistic goals, reward yourself when you meet them, and be proud of yourself – you have chosen to take an active step to improving yourself, your state of mind and the environment. Just remember to keep safe, keep your core warm and stay alert.

Gear Tips:

What kind of bike is best for winter roads?

Biking in the winter can be really hard on your bike, so whether you are new to biking to work or not, it’s probably best to start out with a used bike and/or used components. Most cities have resale groups or used shops. Also, it’s worth checking your local bike shop for used inventory. You want to make sure they are safe and operational and consider the tire!

Apparently, Fat bikes are becoming one of the most popular commuter options, especially in cities that get lots of snow.

What are the best tires winter biking?

Great question, and it really depends on your weather conditions, here in Vancouver, BC there isn’t a lot of snow, but there is still ice, salt and a LOT of wet! In harsher conditions where you may be pushing your peddles through piles of snow, your tires should be able to handle the road and keep you moving steadily forward.

  • In mild conditions you can use low-pressure knobby tires on both the front and rear wheels.
  • In severe conditions, winter tires with hardened steel spikes and a wide tread pattern will clear snow and increase traction on packed snow and ice.

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