New Year – Fresh Start!

It’s a new year and another chance for us all to make a Fresh Start. You’ll notice I didn’t use the “R” word (resolution). The fact is, I don’t use the “R” word and haven’t for a few years. I got annoyed watching companies using the “New Years Resolution” to sell something. Gym memberships, home exercise equipment, cloths or food – you name it!

Instead of making a one-time resolution to better myself, I try to take every opportunity to have a Fresh Start. A Fresh Start is something different, it has all the opportunity without the commercial aspect, and without the pressure to transform into some super-human version of you that only eats raw nuts and organic hillside greens. A Fresh Start is just that, a start – no pressure, and something you can do each day.

At Fresh Start we believe in doing whatever we can to make the world a healthier place by encouraging recycling, donation, simpler and cleaner living. We work with organizations on the Downtown East Side of Vancouver to find employees that just needed a Fresh Start. We take pride knowing that what we do will make our clients lives better; and, we do it to the highest standard, every time regardless of who or where the job is. And do you know what, it works, business is good.

This “new year” I would encourage you to think about Fresh Starts – whether it’s your own, or helping to create one for someone else. It’s the small things that sometimes make the biggest difference.


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