Do Your Kids a Favour – Give Them LESS!

Little Sally opens the gift you bought her, gives it a cursory glance, chucks it into the booty pile and starts forging for more… Embarrassed, parents look at you pleading for understanding and say “my kids just get so overwhelmed during the holidays” or “It’s so strange, Sally is usually such a grateful and appreciative child”.

I always return the pleading looks with a kind and understanding smile and nod of agreement. We’ve all been there, the deck stacked against us with our best intentions on one side and consumerisms best effort on the other. Many parents today are trying so desperately to give their children the best start and to make sure they feel loved and valued. Sadly, many of us have little time, and already feel guilty about our parenting efforts. It’s the perfect storm for major retailers to convince us that love and success are measurable and can be purchased for a low low price this holiday season!

As the holiday’s near, I began to reflect on what is important and what we want our children our take away from this experience. As a loving parent we only need to give the best care and love we can. Anything above and beyond that is an extra that they can live without. Instead of spending money trying to prove your love with toys, and then spending sleepless nights worrying about how to pay off credit card bills, try spending time teaching your kids how to build a new bird house like your dad taught you. Then get a good nights sleep, get up early the next morning to show them how to bake grandma’s famous buttermilk waffles!

Your kids will appreciate it more and remember it more fondly and clearly then they ever remember the ninja turtle or Polly play set, and you can rest easy knowing you gave them the gift of knowing what they are worth to you – which is everything.

Written by Rebecca Fox (part of our Fresh Start Team)

If you are tired of seeing this, try giving LESS!

If you are tired of seeing this, try giving LESS!


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