Pop Quiz!

Winter is on the way; everything is slowing down, including our brains. So in an effort to get those synapses popping, take a stab at the problematic eco-puzzle below.

Post your answer on our Facebook page and all correct answers will be entered to win a $5 Starbucks Card!

If the quiz doesn’t get you moving, the caffeine will!

A recycling truck collects materials from a location and needs to take the materials collected to 2 different places, a wood recycling yard that grades materials on the tipping floor, and a metal yard.

They drop 145 kilos at the wood recycling yard and 460 pounds at the metal recycling yard. The wood yard grades the material into 5% wood, 5% cardboard, and 90% garbage.

Your customer needs to know the breakdown of materials collected.


  1. What is the percentage of each commodity (metal, cardboard, garbage, and wood) and the corresponding kilos written as metric tonnes.

And for the bonus points:

The wood yard grades material in Grade 1, 2, and 3. Grade 3 is 80% to 100% garbage, G2 is 79% to 40% recycling, and Grade 1 is 80% – 100% recycling. They don’t know about the metal you dropped off at the 2nd location but you do. If you had dropped everything in one place, what would your grade be? (Metal, wood and cardboard are considered “recyclable”).

Yikes, does anyone else remember asking “What do I need to learn this for” when they were in school… I guess now we know!


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