The Pretenders

Regardless of my unofficial little poll results, the fact is star power must work right?

Recently, the Internet is a buzz with Leonard DiCaprio’s UN Climate Summit speech. I had to have a look for myself. It’s short, succinct and a very clear call to action for both government and industry. It’s a good speech, although, for those of us who follow these issues (you know, future of the planet and all that jazz), Mr. DiCarpio didn’t have anything really newsworthy to share.

I can only hope that who is doing the saying will end up making what is said more impactful. Mr. DiCaprio did admit that he was speaking as a concerned citizen and a life long pretender. He then very boldly reminded the world and industry leaders that they are not pretenders, and climate change is not a ficticious problem.

Take a look for yourself and let me know if you think that more star power is needed to keep the momentum of climate action moving.


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