e-Waste: taking bad to better

Everyone is back to school and back to school means new calculators, computers, phones and even iPads! All of these electronic devices are great tools for learning – sadly they are also a major environmental problem. For all the new devices brought home in shopping bags, other, slightly outdated devices are thrown in the trash.

Approximately 50 million metric tons of hazardous electronic-waste was generated last year. Do you ever wonder what happens to it? A lot of that e-waste is exported to developing countries like India and Kenya in the form of used goods, where it ends up in landfills or is burned, putting lead, arsenic and mercury into the environment.

There are companies that are making a positive impact. According to Corrine Chin’s article on Global News, the Kenyan government and the East African Recycling facility are making a genuine positive difference. Read the article when you have a moment, it has a lot of interesting information in it and really illustrates the importance of disposing of your e-waste in a safe and environmental way.

Fresh Start Recycling and Disposal Ltd. hand sorts all the items we pick up and ensures that all e-waste is taken and disposed of in an environmental way.


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