Good-bye Summer . . . Now What?

Summer is on its way out, and with it the dreaded garage sale! Good news is you cleared out some clutter and made a little cash. The bad news is, you still have some junk sitting around taking up prime garage space or maybe tucked out of site in the backyard. It’s the dusty old kiddie pool or outgrown skis that you couldn’t sell and can’t throw into the trash. They haunt you as you try to skirt past them and squeeze into your car, they bring down your property value and mostly they are a reminder of how much time you spent trying to sell them!

There are a couple of options for people finding themselves sharing needed space with unwanted clutter:

  • Try to cram your outdated treasures into the back of, or strap to the roof of your compact car, drive to the city waste facility, wait in line, pay through the nose and drive home cursing the day you ever decided to try skiing/bought that kiddie pool etc.
  • Try to sell items online. A pretty simple solution once you get past the account creation, verification, emailing total strangers, giving out your home address, dealing with “no shows” and worrying about correct change.
  • Call Fresh Start. We show up on time, recycle, donate or trash as needed.

Let Fresh Start help you get a head start on preparing for fall.


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