Does your community have a Share Shed?

Recently I was visiting a small Central BC town and helping a friend haul their recycling and garbage to the local dump. As we pulled up to the recycling area, I saw a couple of large shed structures, filled with useable donated items, with a big sign over that read Share Shed.

I asked my buddy what the Share Shed was and how it worked. He explained that some people come and drop off various items, from old mattresses, clothes, and toys to used lighting fixtures and garden decorations, and other people come and pick up what they might need.

A Share Shed – a simple idea that keeps tonnes of useable stuff out of the landfill and benefits other people. The added bonus being that it is located AT the dump, a one-stop-shop for donations, recycling and trash.

I did a little research to see if these Share Sheds were common in other cities and so far I don’t see a lot of them around. Does anyone have one in their town or know why they aren’t more common?


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