Campers, Avid BBQers, Outdoorsmen, Blowtorch-wielders, lend me your ears!

For all of those who have these 1lb propane tanks rolling around the garage from last years camping or some summertime weed-torching, this Fresh Tip is for you!

For this tip you will need:

A propane adapter: available from various retailers

A 20lb propane tank w/ propane

Any number of 1lb empty propane tanks

Simply fit the adapter onto the 20lb tank, turn the tank upside down and attach the 1lb tank to the open end of the adapter. (see images below)

Not only are you reducing, reusing and recycling, but you are also saving money! 1lb tanks at Canadian Tire are $5.29 tax not included. 20lb tank refills are $20 – $25. Essentially you can refill your 1 lb tank over and over – 20 times for half the cost of buying them prefilled!

The three Rs covered and cash in your pocket, another Fresh Tip brought to you by Fresh Start Recycling and Disposal Ltd! Have a blast.

IMG_20140829_181129 IMG_20140829_181208 IMG_20140829_182755


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