What Can You Do About Food Waste?

As we mentioned last week, there’s a lot of food getting wasted these days. This is bad for the environment, for the economy, and for you. A lot of the waste happens when the food is harvested, processed, and delivered, which is why it’s good to research who you’re getting your food from and what they go through to deliver it to you. However, 60% of all food waste happens at the house, restaurant, or wherever else the meal is being made . What can you do to lower all this waste?


  • A compost is an easy way to make certain any food remnants at home returns their nutrients to the earth rather than rotting in some garbage dump. A compost is almost no effort to maintain, just you taking the occasional trip out to the back to toss out a container of potato peels, banana skins, and anything else that needs to go.



  • Don’t waste anything on your plate. Don’t order more than you think you could finish and don’t leave anything behind. If you do have food that you can’t finish, save it as leftovers to eat the next day. The only things that should be going in the trash are what you’re certain you’ll never be able to eat.


Food waste is a terrible thing. However, if you’re careful, you won’t cause much of it. That’s a lesson all of us could learn. Do you have a best left over or produce storing tip? Please share!


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