What is Food Waste?

Canadians as a whole eat a lot. Sure, some eat more than others but still most people will have three meals a day with maybe a little snacking on the side. Multiply that by the amount of days in a year and the amount of years a person lives, and it really adds-up. Not just waste from plastic wrappings, paper plates, and disposal utensils, but from the food itself. As Torah Kachur points out on the CBC’s Waste Warrior , more than 1/3 of the food produced in Canada is wasted, which comes to around $2,700,000,000 worth!

Food waste can happen at any stage of the process. Often not all of the food is harvested properly, then some is lost during preparation, in transportation, even as it waits on the shelves to be purchased. Even after it finally gets bought for a home, restaurant, or other place that prepares meals, it’s still likely that a large percentage of the remaining food will end up in the trash or be lost in some other way.

This waste is bad for the environment of course; it’s also bad for the individual consumer. It costs the average Canadian $500-$800 each year! We would love to hear your thoughts on how you could cut down on food waste.


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