5 Fresh Tips on De-cluttering

The change of seasons often brings the chance to de-clutter as you pack up the past season’s accoutrement and start unpacking the new (all those pool toys, sand buckets, table umbrella’s etc.).

Here are our 5 Fresh Tips on De-cluttering!

  1. Take it one space at a time! Like any job if you’re scope is too big you may become overwhelmed by not knowing where to start and either make a bigger mess (we all have those half started projects) or not start at all.
  2. Get three boxes (or spots on your garage floor) and label them “Dispose” “Keep” “Donate” and any item that is not immediately in use put into one of those categories. Remember items being donated should be in good repair or they will just end up being disposed of but at the expense of your favourite charity you’re trying to help.
  3. Organize! As you’re de-cluttering take note of what you use most and how you might optimally organize all those “keep” items and even organize the in-use items to prevent a future clutter problem. This is a great article that talks about systems for keeping you organized
  4. Set a time limit for working. An hour and a half or two hours and then take a break…coffee get fresh air etc. This will help you not get too overwhelmed.
  5. Set a deadline. Pre-book Big Brothers or your other favourite charity to pick up your “donate” items and FreshStart to pick up your “recycle” and “dispose” items and then work to those deadlines.

If you know you need to de-clutter but don’t have the will or time, our colleague from A Helping Hand Organizing Service is offering a 10% discount if you mention this article when you call to book.


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