Retirement communities

Last month, a woman, Michelle, phoned us. It turned out her mother-in-law had fallen ill and needed to be moved from the retirement community she’d been living in to a facility that was able to provide more one on one health care.

After she described her mother’s illness, Frank, my co-worker, and I met her and her husband at the retirement home the next day. Michelle and her husband were able to go through their parent’s apartment picking out which papers were to go for recycling, which furniture could be donated and which appliances could be recycled. Frank and I were then able to take items down from the 4th floor, to sort and load our truck.

It’s important when you sort and load a truck to do it in the right order. The items for donation would be unloaded first (we were closest to the charity and so would have to go on last. We loaded items we suspected would be disposal on first, then recycling (both cardboard and papers then appliances (they go to 2 different locations)), and finally the charity items.
The thing is, Michelle didn’t  know she was sorting papers for recycling, furniture for donation, or appliances for recycling. We took care of all of that. She had enough to think about. All she wanted to do, or needed to do, was point at things that movers weren’t taking.

She was a really great customer. I would really like to help out more women like Michelle. Does anyone know any decision makers at Louis Brier? It’s a Jewish retirement community near 41st and Oak.

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