Lest We Forget

Dear Mr. Prime Minsiter,

I saw this video by Rick Mercer.

It made me think of my grandfather, a man that fought for Canada and a man celebrated on a Dutch stamp commemorating their liberation, and it made me think of you, the Prime Minister of our Country.

You owe it to my grandpa, the 100,000 living WWII Canadian war veterans, and to the veterans of more recent conflicts, like Afghanistan – a war Canada has fought longer than WWI and WWII combined to NEVER FORGET.

While you are our Prime Minister, I expect you to do all you can to honour their memories, and to compensate the living veterans of conflicts present and future for all they’ve done.


Thomas William Goodall

Grandson of (now deceased) William Lleweyn Roberts, Ret. Seaforth Highlander of Canada
You can send your own letter to the Prime Minister of Canada by emailing pm@pm.gc.ca or visiting his site: http://www.pm.gc.ca/eng/contact.asp

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