560 Jobs? I don’t want them. Not this way at least….

I spent this last weekend at my girlfriend’s dad’s vineyard/farm/garden. Basically he has 11 acres, a vineyard, 16 chickens, a rooster and a nice vegetable garden. Like, a NICE vegetable garden. And the eggs? Oh, the eggs!  100 mile diet? Try 100m diet.

Her dad’s an outdoorsy, woodsy, conservationist kind of guy always exploring, hunted all his life, loves finding birds nests and counting the eggs and so on. Been to Spain? He’s an old Spanish guy. It’s kind of, a little bit, awesome.

It occurred to me that Enbridge’s Northern Gateway is going to provide 560 long-term jobs  for British Columbians and help towards making a multi million $$$ company become a multi billion $$$$ company.

I don’t like it. 

I’m a capitalist. I like profit. The wheels of business excite me, and it gives me pleasure to look at a spreadsheet. I ALSO own a recycling company and I feel really good about that. Because of this, the idea of a pipeline running through pristine wilderness to help multi millionaires become multi billionaires bothers me. Quite a bit actually. Especially because I don’t consider myself to be an “environmental radical”  like the Prime Minister of Canada thinks I am when I oppose his plans for the pipeline.

I consider myself a business owner, employing people in Vancouver, sometimes employing those less fortunate myself through the welfare program, and a person that helps the local economy. To a very small degree, BC’s and Canada’s economy/environment as well. But you know what? All that being said, no matter how much I like spreadsheets, and business, the relationships that come out of alliances, and ALL of that…..   If you have a garden, some chickens, a rifle or a shotgun for the fall hunting season, and maybe a pig or cow or 2, AND  family/friends to share with…. I’m pretty sure you’re the richest person alive.

Let’s not make an irreversible change away from “Beautiful British Columbia” for the sake of a few $ and a few jobs. If I hire some people, and you hire some people, 560 isn’t all that many jobs and it CERTAINLY isn’t all that radical.

It IS environmental, but I can’t help that.



  1. I agree that although this project will provide 560 people with jobs, I’m not sure its worth it if it’s going to harm the environment that millions of other people are living in. There are definitely other ways and companies that can provide these people with jobs that will provide much less harm to the environment and the wilderness that we should be trying to preserve. We recycle furniture so we know that there are many ways for us to save the environment and preserve what we have left, and this initiative is not one of those ways.

    • Here’s an example from February 2012. Our Premier, Christy Clark is building a prison in the Okanagan. BAM! 500 direct jobs, 500 indirect jobs, plus 240 employees. And, no oil pipeline. What’s wrong with initiatives like this?

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