No replacement parts = garbage

I phoned Stanley Canada @stanleytoolsec to ask if I could replace the wheels on my “mobile tool chest” and their advice was basically to throw it out and buy a new one. If it was warrantied, they would have taken it back and replaced it. Read: “Thrown out and replaced”. That doesn’t seem right to me. Not in 2012. The tool box is fine, it’s a box for tools but it’s not as easy to move around and that is kind of the point.

Why don’t you give them a phone call and see if they can help you out… 1-800-263-6292 press 2, then 1 between 8am and 4pm est.

We’re doing our part. Us. Fresh Start. Little ol’ Fresh Start Recycling when Stanley has so much more money, time, labour, a 1-800 number, people to answer phones, traded on the NYSE as SWK etc. Spare wheels? Nope. Throw it away; buy a new one. Earth? Get stuffed. Profits for investors, that’s our motto.

Our company picked it up as “garbage” from a job site to replace the wheels and use it for our own tools. We were going to PAY THEM MONEY to keep something out of the landfill. Stanley? Not so much. Seriously, phone them. They should be prepared to defend their stance. Or at least have their PR people defend their stance.


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