Buy it or Skip it?


Buy it or skip it is something I think about often as the owner of a recycling/garbage company. Here’s proof that other people wrestle with that as well. What happened to all the CDs, Beta or VHS? Landfilled. Please be careful with whimsical new purchases.

“Buy it or skip it?
If you have an original iPad, by all means upgrade to the iPad 3. The used market for first-generation iPads is still alive and well and will hopefully afford you at least $100 toward the new iPad that is nearly half the thickness and twice the pixels as the original iPad.

For iPad 2 owners, the question is a little fuzzier. Since the design is virtually unchanged, the question really comes down to how much you’ll appreciate the new screen. If you get a big kick out of showing the latest tech toy, the new iPad and its industry-first QXGA touch screen should be a crowd-pleaser. If your job involves sales or presentations, the new iPad’s dramatic screen upgrade may also makes sense (as might that 4G connectivity).

The final little push I’ll give it is the same push I’d give to someone considering a better TV or even a new kitchen table: if it’s something you’ll be looking at every day, then spend the money for something that’s going to put a smile on your face. I feel corny saying it, but as a chronic cheapskate, it’s something I have to tell myself often.

Still, cheapskate that I am, if a tablet isn’t already a staple of your daily routine, waiting can’t hurt you. If you’re new to tablets, consider dipping your toe in the water with a $199 Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet

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