Scooters. They’re just plain awesome. Even compared to buses.

I don’t know about the general public, but I consider all bus lanes to be scooter and motorcycle lanes as well. It’s my opinion that if a return bus trip is $7.50 to and from work, and gasoline costs me $6 (cost of a full tank) for several days travel then I’ve satisfied the environmental requirement. My scooter is a 4 stroke, 125 cc Vino which means I’m not burning oil. And, Translink has put up “Motorcycle Ok” signs all over the place, so I’m going with “they forgot” with the rest of the bus lanes in Vancouver. I also just sent Translink an email to see how big their engines are in the buses and how many passengers they need to have it work out to 125cc/person. If it’s close, then more ammunition should I ever receive a ticket from the city. I’ll post a PS at the bottom when they get back to me.

And I know Vancouver is a wet city, but I still try to ride my scooter as often as possible.  That’s what I did this morning from North Vancouver over the Lion’s Gate Bridge to work at 4th and Main.

I usually take the 2nd Narrows Crossing because I’m closer to that bridge than the Lion’s Gate but this morning I changed it up. It wasn’t raining, I was dressed for the cold with long underwear, a fleece, windproof jacket and pants, a balaclava (thanks Mom, best Christmas present EVER) and I took Lion’s Gate Bridge.

Translink, among others, have recently renovated the north shore side of the bridge and extended the bus lane from North Vancouver virtually up to the bridge deck. Traffic this morning wasn’t too congested but I can’t believe how INCREDIBLE Y fast that bridge was this morning. I think I must have passed 40+ vehicles in my travels.

If scooters and motorcycles are going to continue to be cheaper than the bus then I wish more people would consider spending a little money on rain gear. Riding a scooter is AWESOME!

And by “cheaper than the bus” I mean I spend $30.49/month on insurance, and maybe $8 per week on gasoline. $65.13 per month to run a scooter means it’s half the cost of a 2 zone bus ticket. A 2nd hand scooter will run you between $1000 and $1500, or a new one for $2500 (at least that’s what I paid) so if you factor in a 2% repayment per month option on the new $2500 scooter, ALL IN you’re looking at $115.13 per month. ALL IN. Gas, insurance, tax, EVERYTHING, ALL IN.

So. Scooters. They’re the way forward.

And consider for a moment buying a gasoline one versus an electric one. They’re faster for one, so you’ll be able to keep up with traffic more easily which is safer. Gasoline takes about 5 minutes to “recharge” versus plugging in, and the REAL environmental savings is moving from a car to a scooter, not from a gas scooter to an electric scooter. If you’re on a scooter, then you’ve already won. Personally, if I had to choose between people getting out of their pick-up trucks into smaller 2L cars or people moving from 2L cars to hybrid cars, I pick the trucks to cars versus cars to cars. I digress. Anyway. Scooters. They’re the best.

And please, regardless of the size of your ride, consider lessons. I got my motorcycle licence when I was 16 at Action. I’ve only had one accident in 17 years and it wasn’t my fault.  Luck plays apart, but with people with an education often work out to be “luckier”.



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  2. Hawk said

    You sir, are an idiot. You “assume” that motorcycles and scooters are permitted in Bus Lanes. Read the Motor Vehicle Act.

    You may also inform yourself as to the reasons motorcycles were permitted to use the HOV lanes. It had nothing to do with environmental issues. It was safety.

    Because it is illegal to cross a solid white line (Poorly enforced as it may be) it afforded the motorcycle rider a period of protection from the blind, distracted twit in the cage that doesn’t have a clue what the side mirror is for and lane jumps.

    Ignoring the rules of the road because you think differently gives us all a bad reputation with those who do follow the rules. If you’re nailed by the police, you have only yourself to blame.

    For those who may have been swayed by this drivel, inform yourself from proper sources. Not from some person too ignorant to read the Act.

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