Electric Scooters Free? That makes no sense.

How apropos that I should see this meter while out this afternoon for lunch. It was near Main and 7th.

Electric Scooters Free? But why? The environmental savings happen when you switch from a 2000 cc car to a 49 cc scooter, after that, well, electric or gas is basically irrelevant. 49cc is 2.45% of a 2000 cc engine. And it sure isn’t a dimensional thing because they’re the same size. Electric scooters are often slower than gasoline ones, so they’re more likely to be found on sidewalks. Why is the city rewarding the vehicles that are more likely to be ridden on sidewalks?

And what about all the transit, carbon, provincial and federal taxes gasoline powered scooter owners pay when they spend $6 on a full tank of gas? Electricity doesn’t rain down from the sky. Valleys are flooded, atoms split or coal burned so it’s not as if electricity is “free”. Truthfully, this kind of thing cheeses me off. It’s PRETENDING to be green while ignoring the fact that if you can get people out of their cars in one of the rainiest cities in North America, the battle is won. Reward scooter and motorcycle riders don’t penalize the riders you’ve managed to wrestle out of their cars.

I think I’ll email the mayor and council. See what they say. Likely something political but with any luck, they’ll put it in writing.


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