Ethical iPhones

I have a lot of posts in my mind. It’s been AGES since I’ve written, and January is traditionally our slower time of year. I’m developing stronger and stronger feelings about the pipeline Enbridge has planned, but I think I’ll kick things off with a post about iPhone and something I heard on This American Life

Mr. Daisey wanted to know exactly where all his “crap” came from because he’s an “apple evangelist” (his words, not mine).  His  journey takes him to China where he meets and speaks to many employees at the different factories that make a myriad of the consumer goods the west consumes. He’s a story telling genius and does a pretty great job of allowing us to imagine what he is seeing on the ground.

Here’s a link my girlfriend found as a result of listening to the podcast. It’s all pretty powerful stuff. I encourage you to give it a listen.


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