Letter to the Mayor of West Van re: Lion’s Gate Bridge HOV Lanes.

Dear West Vancouver Mayor and Council,


It used to be that motorcycles and scooters were allowed to use the bus lane. My scooter has a 125cc engine, 6% of the average 2L car. Additionally, scooters are smaller and more agile than cars, and not really part of any problems with congestion and much LESS of a problem when it comes to the environment. Will you continue to allow scooters to bypass bridge traffic?


I’d like to continue to ride my scooter unimpeded by car congestion. It costs me 93 cents to ride the 14.2 KM to my office and return home at the end of the day compared to the $7.50 that a bus would cost.  It’s a dramatic savings. And as I said, scooters/motorcycles aren’t really part of the problem.


The large engines in cars and trucks are really designed to move the steel cage surrounding the driver. If you weigh 70kg and your truck/car weighs 1500 – 2000kg, your body weight is really fairly insignificant part of the equation.


Please continue to allow scooters and motorcycles to use the HOV lanes over Lions Gate. It’s good for the environment and it’s good for wallets.



Thomas Goodall


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