Best FAQ ever?

What do you all think? The last time we did our FAQ up it was before the olympics so was pretty relevant information information at the time, but it’s been over 1 year. Here’s one of the best FAQ’s I’ve seen and I think I have FAQ envy!

What sorts of things would you like to see on MY FAQ if we rework it? What questions are you looking to have answered, tone of voice (I prefer casual and conversational, but you tell me), are you looking for resources, hints for clean-ups and estates…

What would you like to see?














  1. Hey, thanks for the compliment on our FAQ! We’ve worked hard on that bad boy, and it’s always nice to be appreciated. Our advice for FAQ awesomeness is to not take yourself too seriously. We’ve got a 2-beer decision-making policy. If it’s a question about whether it makes the cut or not, have a couple of beers. If it seems like a good idea after 2 beers, keep it. 🙂 Cheers!

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