Moving offices

Moving. Moving, moving, moving….. It sucks.  There, I said it. Now you know if you didn’t already.    🙂

I’m saving money to personally buy a 2 bedroom place to live. In order to do that, extra money needs to come from somewhere and one of those “somewhere’s” is the office rent for Fresh Start Recycling. I’ve got the down-payment sewn up, but when you own a place, and your hot water tank goes, you can’t call your landlord. I can call Fresh Start to haul away the old one away for recycling, but I’ll be on the hook personally for the new one. I need a kitty just for those little surprises.

We’ll be sharing office space with Molly Maid Vancouver at 107 – 237 East 4th Ave. in Vancouver.

We’ve had our own office for about 2 years, but Molly Maid is where we cut our teeth. Molly Maid has a 1600 square foot office space, with plenty of room for everything Fresh Start needs to do regarding administration.

Here’s a handy little checklist I found online for moving offices (great suggestions and always important to plan):


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