Beer. Environmentally, and tax friendly.

Last night I made beer. At home. In my kitchen. And holy smokes is it ever EASY!

I put on an hour-long podcast and had everything cleaned up and put away before it was over. I followed the instructions you can find here

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If I’d realized how easy it was (it’s been about 5 years since the last time I made beer); it’s fairly safe to assume that everyone I know would have been getting beer this Christmas.

Not only is making beer at home EASY, but it’s environmentally lower impact and, wallet friendly. The beer I made cost me $20 and will yield about 23L when all is said and done. 23L should work out to about 65 bottles of beer. What would you pay for those same 65 bottles at the liquour store? Around $100, about $80 of it is profit and tax. Also, when you make beer at home, the ingredients are really only “food”. Malt, barley, different grains, yeast. All “food”, so no HST. No HST, no liquor tax, and no profit to big breweries like Molson and Labatt’s (not that there’s anything wrong with them). Hmmm, I think I’m on to something here…

Why is it good for the environment? Because what’s better than putting beer bottles in the blue box? Using them again! And again, and again. When I started making beer YEARS ago, my dad gave me all his old including a whole bunch of seed bottles. I have used some of those bottles 10 to 15 times and maybe more, I don’t count. The thing with glass is that it’s heavy, and it costs more in fuel to move heavy things. You can move and recycle a lot more pop cans per unit of fuel burnt than beer bottles so the best way to recycle glass is to reuse it. Beer making is my favourite way to recycle glass.

So, in summary, making beer is good for your wallet, it’s fun to do with your family (I’m making apple cider with my Dad for his Christmas Present (I can mention that on the web because he wouldn’t be able to find my blog if you walked him over to the computer)), and it’s great for the environment.

If you have any beer questions of your own, don’t be shy to ask. Beer making (and recycling) is/are some of my favourite things to talk about!!!! 🙂


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